Do you agree that GoldMint should extend the ICO for 3 weeks till 11.11.2017 and run GOLD cryptoassets on Ethereum first?
Please see the details in our blog post

PROS: GoldMint will be able to collect more funds that will help to develop the product faster.
There will be no need to wait long to start collecting commissions from GOLD cryptoassets transactions using MNTP tokens.

CONS: MNTP token transfers will be locked for 21 additional days.

Please participate in voting! Your actions can help Goldmint be a real democracy

GoldMint voting status

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Attention! Voting is available only if you have at least 10 MNTP


  • 1) Vote only from the wallet that has a positive MNTP token balance.
  • 2) At least 10 MNTP is required to be able to vote.
  • 3) One MNTP token holder has only 1 vote, no matter how many MNTP tokens he/she has. We want to make voting fair.
  • 4) If more than 50% of the voted to vote for the changes GoldMint accepts the plan and start implementing it.
  • 5) The voting will last for 4 days.
  • 6) The voting is considered as successful if at least 100 people voted.