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The good news

is, our project will be part of the Blockchain Expo Europe 2018 in Amsterdam. Our CEO Dmitry Plyushevskiy will be give a speech, and also, we will have our stand


Goldmint decided to do a lottery - buy 30 MNTP on Bancor and win a VIP ticket (face price of 1000 EUR) to the blockchain conference in Amsterdam. Now, every token holder has a chance to attend one of Europe’s largest crypto conferences for absolutely free! The conference will be held in Amsterdam from the 27th to the 28th of June, more information at

So, the lottery conditions
  1. 1 You will need a wallet with a balance no less than 30 MNTP.
  2. 2 You will need to register in our Google Forms document where you will need to leave your information, in order for us to check the presence of tokens on your account, and also your contacts, for us to get in touch with you incase you win.
  3. 3 You can register multiple portfolios, but tokens should be bought before the 11th of June
  4. 4 For those who purchased our tokens before the 11th of June can register only 3 portfolios, but each of them should hold no less than 30 tokens.

Registration lasts till 09:00 UTC June 20th

The winner will be chosen via randomizer on the 20th of June at 09:00 UTC


If the winner doesn’t reply to our messages during a 12 hour period, we will choose a new winner.