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Golden Trader

- Are you a crypto trader?
- Do you suffer losses on the falling market?
- Wanna try new instruments for hedging risks?

Make your crypto portfolio more balanced with the GOLD stable coin which price is tied to physical gold. You can choose the proportion of GOLD stable coin in your portfolio by yourself, and change it with time. GoldMint company will double the profit of the best trader weekly.

You need to create a crypto portfolio according to the following rules:

  1. 1At least 10% of portfolio should be composed of GOLD crypto assets (GoldMint coin).
  2. 2The rest of portfolio should consist of any cryptocurrency from top-100 at and MNTP (GoldMint token).
  3. 3The portfolio should be at least $100 but not more than $3000.

Who is the winner?

We will choose a person who made the biggest profit during the week in dollars at 12 o'clock on Sunday one week after the start.

What will the winner receive?


GoldMint will double profit of the best trader in US $