GOLD is a digital cryptoasset 100% backed by physical gold and ETF which can be used as an instrument for hedging risks, payment and investment tool both by companies and individuals.

Cryproassets GOLD is a viable solution for

  • Traders
    and investors

  • Payment for goods
    and services

  • Run an


Gold price dynamics LBMA

1GoldCryptoAsset= 1OUNCE OF GOLD LBMA

Goldmint Fees

  • Action
  • Buy GOLD for FIAT
    LBMA + 5%
  • Sell GOLD for FIAT
    LBMA + 3%
  • Total fee for FIAT -> GOLD -> FIAT
  • On-Chain transaction fee
  • Demurrage/management fee
  • Redeem gold bars
    It depends on country and weight of gold.
    There will be a calculator later.

Key features

Cryptoassets GOLD combine the advantages of fiat money on the one hand and precious metals on the other

  • Stable


  • Transparent


  • Low commisions

    Low commisions

  • Fast


  • Familiar


GOLD Investment scenarios

The investor can strike a trust management smart contract deal with
GoldMint company which gives an opportunity to acquire gold with a solid discount

1.Operations with
physical gold

The owner transfers his GOLD cryptoassets to the company's trust management by a smart loan agreement. The company runs trading assets, buying gold and selling them out for melting etc.


The owner transfers his GOLD cryptoassets to the company's trust management by a smart loan agreement. At the same time, Goldmint uses Custody Bot to lend to parties through pawnshops all over the world.

Gold secured loans

Gold secured loans

You may be able to receive a cryptocurrency or fiat loan from Goldmint, using GOLD as collateral.

All applicants will need to undergo the KYC procedure. All members who have GOLD receive Goldmint Partner banks credit cards, aligned with VISA and MasterCard systems.

Hedging risks

Crypto traders and enthusiasts can hedge the risks of storing their assets in highly volatile crypto market environment by transferring their savings to cryptoasstes GOLD.

Employers and importers can hedge the risks of expensive money transfers from one place to another and the volatility due to market instability.

ICO makers hedge the risks of their cap being constantly changed due to ETH and BTC rise and fall if they switch to a digital gold standard.

Hedging risks